Pastor Bio

Pastor Thaylee Dickerson is a simple man with a single vision of restoration and hope for both family and community in the 21st century. Pastor Dickerson believes that as the Word of God begins to radiate into the life of each man, his worship will change, not only his immediate family, but his friends, community, and workplace.

With a passion for seeing families empowered to be the God ordained strength of their communities, Pastor Dickerson has been mandated by the Spirit of God to bring forth a new hope and communal Spirit to Prattville Alabama and its surrounding counties.

A native of Autaugaville, AL, Pastor Dickerson has seen the power of God's Word reconstruct his own life of vice and foolishness, to one of victory and finesse, a lover of family and seeker of lost souls for the Kingdom of God. His quest is to see the local family strengthened and made vibrant and functional through the regenerate power of God's Word, and also to bring economic empowerment to the local community through the manifold wisdom of the local church.

Pastor Dickserson is married to one of God's leading ladies, Lady Yulonda Dickerson. They also have four blessed children.